Sunday, March 16, 2014

Project #13

Date:              February 24-28                                   Project Based Learning                                                Technology Lesson Plans
Weekly Objective:  BPL Introduction Implementation
R3.1 Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers.
L 3.2 Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English capitalization, punctuation, and spelling when writing.
Speaking & Listening
SL3.6 Speak in complete sentences when appropriate to task and situation in order to provide requested detail or clarification.
SL 3.1d explains their own ideas and understanding in light of the discussion.
SL 3.1b follow agreed-upon rules for discussions (e.g., gaining the floor in respectful ways, listening to others with care, speaking one at a time about the topics and texts under discussion).

On-Going Objectives
R3.1 Ask and answer questions to demonstrate understanding of a text, referring explicitly to the text as the basis for the answers.
L3.2  Consult reference materials, including beginning dictionaries, as needed to check and correct spellings.
 Speaking & Listening:
SL3.4  Report on a topic or text, tell a story, or recount an experience with appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details, speaking clearly at an understandable pace.
W3.2 Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly.
BELL RINGER: List the project criteria.
Direct Instruction: “I DO”-  I Curio demonstration on gathering information
Guided Practice: “We Do”- decide with your group the topic of your project
Let’s Practice: “You Do”- complete the role assignment and begin the research
Assessment: teacher observation
 BELL RINGER:  Review roles and responsibilities of group members
Direct Instruction: “I DO”-  Answer questions and discuss ways to complete a quality production
Guided Practice: “We Do”- review material before publishing
Let’s Practice: “You Do”- determine rubric criterion
Assessment: teacher observation
BELL RINGER:  Publish rubric and complete final step in the project publishing
Direct Instruction: “I DO”-  view demonstration on previous quality presentations
Guided Practice: “We Do”- review procedures for full credit on the performance rubric
Let’s Practice: “You Do”- complete oral presentation with power point or slideshare
Assessment: teacher observation
BELL RINGER:  Write a reflection about pros and cons of PBL and group work.
Direct Instruction: “I DO”- read reflections about project and brainstorm ideas for improvement.
Guided Practice: “We Do”- develop t chart for pros and cons
Let’s Practice: “You Do”- administer questionnaire evaluating performance of group members.
Assessment: teacher observation and questionnaire, project submission
Friday:  FIELD TRIP to the computer lab to compile presentations to disc

Students that struggle will be identified through the check list and provided intervention. 
Students who have mastered the objective will be assigned the enrichment materials.

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