Monday, March 31, 2014

C4K Summary for March

Comments for Kids

This month I commented on two different students from the Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand. I would like to share with you what their post were about, and what my comment on their post said.

First, I had a little girl named Meliana. She is from the Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand, like I mentioned above, and is in Mrs. Jenny She's second grade class. Her post was a short video telling everyone about her weekend. She talked about how she went to the beach with her family and had a picnic, as well as, building a sandcastle. My comment I left for her stated many things. I simply mentioned how I always loved going to the beach with my family, and that we always had picnics and built sandcastles, too. I did let her know that her sandcastle was probably the prettiest one out there! Then, I told her that I enjoyed watching her video and I'm looking forward to visiting her blog again to read more.

Second, I had a little boy named Esrah. He is from the Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand, as well, and is in Mrs. Wua and Mr. Banks first grade class. His post was about equivalent fractions. He was asked the question, "What is 2/4 =4/?"He told us how to figure out the problem. Esrah said the pattern is 2x because 2x2=4, so that would mean the denominator of the completed fraction would have to be timed by 2, which would equal 8 and the answer is 2/4=4/8. On my comment on his post, I stated how much smarter he is then I was when I was his age, and that I enjoyed learning how to do a math problem. I, also, told him that I look forward to reading more of his post.

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