Friday, March 28, 2014

Blog Post #10

There are many things we can learn from Sir Ken Robinson in his video Bring on the Learning Revolution.

First, is that people go through their lives not knowing their true talents or may think they don't have any. Well everyone has their own talents, and these are things we have to figure out about ourselves as we get older. Knowing our talents will help us figure out what we want to do for our profession, or throughout life.
Find Your Talent

The second thing I feel we can learn from Sir Ken Robinson is that education does not need to be evolved, it needs to be revolutionized. We keep trying to reform the same education system, but clearly is not helping. Education needs to be revolutionized to capture students interest.

Lastly, Sir ken Robinson mentions that he met a guy at a book signing, and asked what he did. The guy said he was a fireman. Mr. Robinson asked when he knew he wanted to be a fireman, and the guy said since he was a little boy. The guy went on to say that when he was in school, one of his teachers told him it wasn't a real job, that it would be a waste of his time, and that he should go to college. Well, this guy ended up being a fireman anyways, and actually saved his teacher's life along with his teacher's wife's. Students hold adults responsible to help nurture and foster their dreams. We should never tell a child their dreams are a waste of time, we should help them reach their dreams.
Follow Your Dreams


  1. Hey Brittney! I loved your post about Sir Ken Robinson, especially when you pointed out the main things that he stressed. Recognizing our talents can make us go far in life, and when Robinson said that, it hit home for me. I became an elementary education major because I realized later on in life that my talent is compassion, patience, and resilience in teaching children. Keep up the good work!