Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Final Project #16

Final Project #16: Group Castleberry

I had the pleasure to work with such wonderful people in my group this semester. Our group name is "Castleberry." For our final project #16, we created an iBook named, The Seven Wonders of EDM310. Throughout our book we have combined pretty much everything each one of us has done this semester in EDM 310. It includes these items: an introduction of all of us, a few pictures of our family and friends (or pictures that describe us), our sentence and passion videos, a video book commentary on our text book, a video of us teaching a lesson on the smart board, all of our book trailers, a video of technology tools we want to use in our classroom, a favorite blog post of ours, and a group text about being technologically literate. I had so much fun creating this iBook, along with all the projects and texts included inside of it!

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