Monday, April 21, 2014

C4K Summary for April

This month I was able to comment on three students' blogs from the PT England School in Auckland, New Zealand.

First, I had a little girl named Dhara. She is in Ms. Squires class 4, and she is a year 8 student. Her post was a video of her Food Party Animation. She created an animated 11 second video of her at a holiday dinner, and told us that she ate all the food. In my comment I let her know I enjoyed watching her video, and I bet she had a fun time making it. I told her how much I loved holidays because of the family time, and all the different foods I get to eat.

Second, I had a little girl named Rebekah. She is in Mrs. Nua and Mr. Banks class 1, and she is a year 7 student. In her post she talked about her FiaFia Rehearsal. "Performing is great and nerve-racking," she said. Rebekah is in a dance group called the Niue group. She performed the night of April 9, 2014, and was so nervous! In my comment I agreed with her that performing is great and nerve-racking, but to take a deep breath before going on stage and she would do great. I, also, wished her the best of luck on her performance, and told her I couldn't wait to read more of her post.

Last, I commented on a little boys blog named Germaine. He is in Miss Lavakula's class 9, and he is a year 4 student. Germaine created an animated video on the life cycle of a butterfly. In his video he explains this: A butterfly came to lay her eggs, two weeks later the eggs hatch into a caterpillar. It eats and eats and gets fat, then a few weeks later it is in its cocoon. After a few weeks it becomes a butterfly. In my comment I told him how much I enjoyed his video, and that he was the first one to show me a video on how this happens. I, also, told him that his pictures he drew for his animated video were very good and colorful. Then, I told him how great of a job he did!

Pt England School

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