Monday, April 21, 2014

C4T #4

For my Comment for Teacher number four, I had Jarrod Robinson. Feel free to visit his blog.

In Jarrod's first post I commented on, it was, "Downloading, Stretching, and Sworking Out." In this post he gives us websites, tools, and apps that helps us download videos on devices to work out. He focuses on Tube Downloader, Stretch It, and Swork it Pro.
In my comment I mentioned that I thought it was really cool that he was blogging because most PE teachers don't. I, also, thanked him for the useful tools given.

In Jarrod's second post I commented on, he posted a video about A website for schools to help motivate cycling, running, swimming, and walking in their school PE class. You sign-up as a teacher and you create your class. Once you have done this, you can create a goal for your students to reach. Once a student has ran some, they can log into their account and add how much they ran for that day, and the teacher will be able to tell how much each student ran, cycled, walked or swam so he/she will be able to see how much they have left to reach their class goal. Students can also keep track of their activity through RunKeeper. Either login on the computer of through the app, and your teacher can see how much activity you have done either way.
In my comment, I mentioned that I loved learning about Active Globe through his video, and that I wish we did this when I was in grade school. I said this would be a great motivation tool for students to be active.


  1. Thanks for blogging about my website. I appreciate people reading the content and look forward to keeping my eye on what you produce. Blogging is the most powerful thing I have ever done for my career, it has enabled me to learn, connect and grow as a teacher. This is why Dr Strange has you doing it in class. Listen to him, he sure knows his stuff.

  2. I sure enjoyed reading your blog! I look forward to continue reading yours, as well. I have loved being able to start and learn how to blog, and hope to continue!