Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Practice Post

My name is Brittney Kent. I am from a small town called Arab, Alabama, which most of you (if not all of you) have probably never heard of. It is 6 hours north of Mobile. I have went to Arab City Schools my entire life, but lived in three different cities (Blountsville, Arab, and now Guntersville). I played volleyball and softball from sixth grade up till eleventh grade, and that's when my sports career ended. My cousin and I got in a go-kart accident, which left me with my right elbow and right wrist dislocated and my right wrist fractured, and my cousin got away with just a few bruises. After wearing a cast for sixth months, a full arm brace for sixth months, and a year to completely straighten out my arm again... I now have Osteoarthritis in my entire right arm. If I write, type or drive with my right hand a lot of times I just have to let that arm rest and start using my left hand. There are times when it hurts so bad, I just want to put everything to the side for awhile, but my family has kept me strong and has told me that I cannot put life on hold even for a second just because of this. They are my biggest support system.

My parents got divorced when I was just 2, and I live with my mom and stepdad. My real father, along with my stepmom, and I do not get along much at all. I have one real sister, one half sister, one half brother, and two twin stepsisters. I also have 5 dogs, and 2 cats. We have a husky (Nala), a yorkie (Tanner), a mutt (Sam), a porkie (Sophie), a golden lab (Holley), and my two cats names are Uno and Stella. Some of my interests include: playing with my animals when I am home, cooking, I absolutely love watching football (ROLL TIDE and GO SAINTS!!), I still love volleyball and softball, and to go on road trips. Growing up my mawmaw, pawpaw, mom, sister and myself would go on at least ten road trips every year, and those are some great memories I will always cherish. Also, growing up I always thought I would go to the University of Alabama, and that's where my family wanted me to go. Well, I got accepted into UA, but also at South and I loved both. In April of my senior year, I still hadn't decided on where to go and I was leaving for college in 4 months and didn't know how I was going to choose. Well, a couple days later I attended a scholarship dinner and I started talking to this older man, and he asked me where I was going to college, so I explained to him why I haven't decided. This old man said to me, "I am not trying to persuade your decision, but my son went to Alabama and absolutely hated it only because no one really liked him because he didn't party." Right then I knew I needed to go to South because I'm not big on partying and I wanted to make friends that liked me for me. I wanted to make lifelong friends.

When I was a little girl I would always pretend like I was teacher, and while growing up I always thought it would be fun to be a teacher, but I wanted to keep my options open. I started helping everyday after school at the elementary school for Extended Day (Which is where kids could stay at the school until six at night because a lot of parents worked 30 minutes or more outside of town and they would not get off until five at night. We would plan music time, arts and crafts, recess, time where they needed to do homework, and some other activities as well). Every since then I have known that I wanted to be an elementary school teacher! Not only because of this reason, but throughout life, so many people have told me that I would make a wonderful school teacher. I have had a lot of inspiration, and I am extremely grateful for all of it! It also helps, that I love children!

I have two main passions in life and they are volleyball and cooking. Of course I can't play volleyball like I used to, but my accident has not stopped me forever. I still hit the ball around with friends, and strive to do better every time. I do have to take breaks to rest my arm, but so what? I cannot let that come between something I love to do. I always would help my mawmaw in the kitchen when I was little, and even through high school I would ask my mom to let me cook supper. Everyday I think of new ideas that I could try to make, and sometimes I just start throwing stuff together, and it actually comes out pretty tasty. There is never a time that I don't want to play volleyball or cook.

There are a few interesting things or fun facts about myself. One is that I am terrified of needles. I pass out every time I get a shot. Second, I love jacked up trucks. One day I will own a $72,00 crimson f-350 with at least a 6 inch lift. Third, my goal in life is to make someone smile everyday. If I can do this, I feel a sense of accomplishment. Lastly, I absolutely love deer meat, I could eat everyday of my life.

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